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Free delivery. To reserve your Special packages, on monday to Thursday only

(Does Not Apply to Holidays)

* Delivery/set up and pickup charges vary and are determined by the event location.
Please Call for Pricing.

DELIVERY  SERVICE  up to 100 miles:
Delivery Service. and picks up starting from. 
$ 40.00 places close to the rental center

Our Inflatable’s Games are inspected and clean before going to the renter

We take our time to clean and sanitize each Inflatable between rentals. 

This Inflatable's Jumper         Required Ceiling Height: 17'        Space Required: 20' x 20'       Power: 15 amp dedicated circuit

This Inflatable's Jumper         Required Ceiling Height: 17'        Space Required: 20' x 20'       Power: 15 amp dedicated circuit

This Inflatable's Jumper         Required Ceiling Height: 17'        Space Required: 20' x 27'       Power: 15 amp dedicated circuit


This Inflatable's Jumper         Required Ceiling Height: 17'        Space Required: 15' x 36'       Power: 15 amp dedicated circuit

Game Rules




   1. Supervision by an adult trained attendant is required at all times.

   2. The Owner/Attendant should make all riders aware of Rules posted at the game.

   3. The inflatable must be securely anchored at all times.

   4. Entry into the inflatable device should be done in an orderly and controlled manner.

   5. Riders should be of similar age, weight, and height range. Adults and older children should not ride with younger children.

   6. Persons with mental or physical impairment should not be permitted on ride. This would include those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

   7. No riders under the age of 3 years old, unless the unit is specifically designed for their use.

   8. No shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, or sharp objects.

   9. No somersaults, diving, wrestling, flips, or rough play.

 10. No food, drinks, gum, pets, or silly string.

 11. Do not jump onto or off of the ride.

 12. Use of whistles or signaling devices is advised.

 13. Keep riders away from the blower at all times.

 14. Do not use inflatable device if wind conditions exceed 15 mph or if it rains.

 15. Riders should go down slide feet first only, with no more than two riders at once.

 16. No climbing up the slide.

 17. No jumping, dive on to the slide area.

 18. Weather conditions are safe for operation of inflatable device

 19. In the unlikely event of a Severe Weather Alert, Power Failure, or Medical Emergency, the following procedures should be  followed.

 20. Exit riders in an orderly fashion away from ride.

 21. Turn off blower and unplug from outlet.

 22. Keep riders away from the inflatable device.

 23. In the unfortunate event of an accident or other emergency CALL THE APPROPRIATE  EMERGENCY SERVICES IF NECESSARY.

 24. Vinyl / Patterns are clean and free of stains

 25. Seams and mesh are secure and in good condition.

 26. Tie-down straps are strong and show no breakage.

 27. Inflatable is anchored and secured in place.

 28. Inflatable is secured by sandbags.

 29. Entrance safety net is secure and in place.

 30. Entrance/Exits are clear of obstructions.

 31. Entrance safety ramp is secured.

 32. Warning and Rule signage is in place and visible.

 33. Internal air pressure is sufficient for sure footing.

 34. No debris or sharp objects are present.

 35. Passageways are clear of obstructions.

 36. Ropes and footholds are strong and intact.

 37. Slide area is controlled by overhanging cover.

 38. Inflatable is 20’ clear of any utility lines above ground and laterally.

 39. inflatable must be 20 feet away from any solid structure to prevent incidents

 40. Blower is clean and firmly attached to inflatable.

 41. Blower is working and plugged into a GFCI 110v outlet.

 42. Generator follows all manufacturer’s guidelines for operation.

 43. Electrical cords are free from wear and do not pose hazard to riders.

 44. Misters are firmly attached and working.

 45. Water source is clean and odorless.

 46. Exiting water drains properly from inflatable.

 47. Boxing gloves are clean inside and out.

 48. Fencing is secure and in place.

 49. The operator must be alert and use their own discretion to identify and avoid dangerous and unsafe situation.

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